The World is Made of Code 🤖

Metaverse Art Week 2022: The World is Made of Code 🤖

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La Biennale di Venezia has a history of over 120 years. Established in 1895, the Biennale has an attendance of over 500,000 visitors today. And now, it's the time to make our own history with an annual Metaverse Art Week in Decentraland.

For this Art Week, you won't have to physically travel, buy special tickets, or wait in lines. Instead, Decentraland is hosting all the big names under its wing and even collaborating with other Metaverses.

The art made from code is truly shaping not only the so-called digital art scenes but also the traditional institutions, forming new and exciting experiences for their visitors in real life. Let's dive into what art we can explore in Decentraland Metaverse Art Week.


The five day event will be live in Decentraland’s art districts August 24-28. Inspired by this year’s Venice Biennale Arte, the theme for Metaverse Art Week 2022 is: The World is Made of Code. Like the patterns, sequences, and formulas that make up the natural world, code is elemental in a virtual world like Decentraland.

“Metaverse Art Week 2022 is coming at a pivotal moment for the larger adoption of Web3 technology and decisions about our digital reality. We believe that the future of the internet should be built by decentralized communities who do not seek to profit off of user data, imagination, or creativity,” said the Decentraland Foundation’s Creative Director, Sam Hamilton. “This year’s Art Week will be a love letter to what the next generation of artists are doing in the metaverse.”

🎨 Highlights:

  • In collaboration with Ezel.Life, Frida Kahlo’s family will celebrate Metaverse Art Week with the launch of a permanent Decentraland installation, the Frida Kahlo Family Red House.

  • UXart Lab will present internationally recognized Latin American masters of the 1960s, such as Julio le Parc, Beto Ressano, Eduardo MacEntyre, and Gyula Kosice which represent the best of kinetic and pop art in the region.

  • International pop artist Burton Morris, in collaboration with House of Tang, will install Pop!Wall, a 3D interactive art wall resembling Morris’ notorious popcorn kernel artwork for the occasion of Metaverse Art Week.

  • Curator David Cash has brought this year’s theme, The World is Made of Code, to life with 3D sculptures and video works by industry leaders including Krista Kim, legendary image-maker Nick Knight, and Lady Gaga’s creative Director Nicola Formichetti, amongst others.

  • In one of the first cross-metaverse collaborations, Spatial will partner with Decentraland in globally supporting & lifting the voices of artists during Metaverse Art Week.

  • The Crypto Valley NFT Gallery will showcase the Ukrainian Meta History Museum of War during Metaverse Art Week. 🇺🇦

Insiders view

I talked with @RealMattBond, who is helping to launch an iconic artist Burton Morris into the web3 space. Particularly, to the Metaverse Art Week with Pop!Club Burton Morris project.

"The idea for this project was about launching him into the art scene the right way. Pairing him with a diverse group of our favorite collaborations across different new web3 mediums, and setting him up, so he has the cultural fluency and the relationships in the crypto art world to keep producing groundbreaking work."

Visit Burton's Pop!Wall August 24-28 in Soho Plaza.

What to wear?

I dived into the Decentraland marketplace to find the artsiest wearables for you to wear to the annual Metaverse Art Week next week! 👩‍🎨

#1 Roustan Modified Clone #17394 by Roustan

#2 Pleather Runway by NikkiFuego

#3 Alien Carapace Tan RTFKT by ArtifactStudios

#4 Snapple Elements Air Cape by Snapple

#5 Legendary Dress by sda#d31a


Miguel Amargo, creator of VoxBoards

Tell us more about what Decentraland looked like when you joined the space and what was your first thoughts about it?

I started exploring Decentraland in November 2021. There were fewer users, wearables, and activities compared to now, but the community was very supportive and engaging. Learning more and getting on with the project was very motivating and inspiring. The metaverse felt the most promising to me as a user and creator!

How did wearables evolve during that time?

There is a wide variety of choices now. Many wearables are being created as the costs are lower at the moment. More people joined and decided to invest. The utilities and quality are increasing a lot, and the prices are much more affordable than before.

In your eyes, what is the future of wearables?

The future IS wearables and other NFTs as we live more and more in this digital era. Many people on Web2 have been using filters, producing pictures, etc., for a long time. So expressing ourselves through digital it's not new. The same with games. We have been playing games and "earning" items to decorate our avatars and boost our stats with no profit. So it makes sense to bring games to the blockchain where users, developers, and investors can win. This new reality is an awesome upgrade where we can see creativity and benefits going to the next level.


Welcome to the curated place, where I will list the newest and the finest wearables published by Decentraland creators. Let's all take a moment and appreciate the most fashionable items this week.

#1 Hiroto Kai Cyber Kimono by HirotoKai

#2 Over the Shoulder Maiden Braids by Refraction

#3 90s Inspired Overalls by GoldGuy


Wearables creators by total volume of sales in the past 7 days, Decentraland


#1 Hell's kitchen in Sandbox

Sandbox, a Metaverse blockchain game built on the Ethereum network, has partnered with popular TV series Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen.

#2 Uplifting women in the Metaverse

My interview with Tangpoko. We talked about women in the Metaverse, future of Decentraland, wearables and DCL Babydolls.

# Hackernoon annual Noonies awards

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