When real-life experiences meet the Metaverse

When real-life experiences meet the Metaverse 

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This is a weekly newsletter brought to you by a former fashion editor, aka me, Lina. I will particularly cover digital wearables and their role in the gaming and fashion industry.

The Wearables Daily will feature and acknowledge all industry talents and tell their stories.


Welcome to my 11th newsletter about life in the first fully decentralized world, Decentraland, which is controlled via the DAO, which owns the most important smart contracts and assets of Decentraland. Via the DAO, you decide and vote on how the world works.

This week I will cover the most interesting places and projects that I have visited.

Frida Kahlo's Red House

Frida Kahlo's family celebrated Metaverse Art Week by launching a permanent Decentraland installation, the Frida Kahlo Family Red House. The structure provides an immersive experience showcasing the first half of Frida's life and never-before-seen artwork from the artist.

The best part is that this installation is permanent, and you can visit it anytime. When you first enter the house, you will be greeted with an explanation pop-up of what this experience is all about. Then, as you walk through the chambers of Frida's life, you will have to collect certain objects, which will be the key to the next room. Collecting objects will help you navigate through the storytelling of the house.

As I finished visiting all rooms, I was greeted by Frida herself (well, a virtual one, of course) and was offered a PAOP.

CASADEI Space/Project NAYOM1 release

Casadei & Another1 introduced a pop-up space dedicated to project NAYOM1 release - an exclusive phygital web3 project. 

Project NAYOM1 is about the modernization of a traditional Italian high-heel shoe powerhouse while creating exclusive phygital products for an even more exclusive community of luxury digital fashion consumers.

It highlights how phygital assets can create multiple layers of utility (physical shoe, digital wearable, PFP) both in the real world and digital.

The 1000 limited edition NAYOM1 Blade IRL heels are all NFC-chipped, enabling fans of Casadei to connect the real footwear to digital metaverse wearables and PFP avatars in the form of 1000 corresponding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - merging realities to create the ultimate web3 fashion experience.


Founder Of MetaPartyDCL

Tell us more about what Decentraland looked like when you joined the space and what was your first thoughts about?

I first entered the space in January 2021. At that time, there was a maximum of 100 players in the game. Players could only buy layer 1 wearables (Ethereum network wearables), and there were very few collections available to browse. My mind was blown upon entering Decentraland. Even though there was very little to do within the space back in January, I was still fascinated with the potential of DCL. Things began to develop very quickly. By March 2021, there was a slight increase in active players but a huge increase in community creators. This is around the time I personally began hosting events within Decentraland. In addition, wearables began to become more popular with players. I remember picking up my first ever wearable, which was a Puffer jacket that I still wear in Decentraland today.

How wearables evolved during that time? 

In mid-2021, Decentraland introduced layer 2 wearables (polygon network wearables). All players were able able to publish their own collections and sell them within Decentraland. The original publication fee was 500 MANA, and in September, MetaParty submitted our first two collections for publication. Both collections were a legendary rarity (1/100) and priced at roughly 35 mana each. They sold out within days as there were still very few wearables to browse at that time. Any wearable with a cool design was selling out fast. Fast forward to the present day, wearable publication fees are now roughly 150 mana, and hundreds of collections are available to browse. In my opinion, Decentraland is now very fashion driven, with some of the biggest events in Decentraland history being MetaVerse Fashion Week. In addition, wearables have become more than just an outfit to wear. Some wearables even have added utility, unlocking stat bonuses within Decentraland Play To Earn games. We are now seeing the rise of Smart Wearables (wearables with added code) within the space, and I believe players will be flying around Decentraland in their wearable jet packs in a few months.

In your eyes, what is the future of wearables?

In my personal opinion, the future of wearables is utility. There are now hundreds of different wearables available to buy. Even multiple wearables with similar designs. If you would be looking at the DCL marketplace for a black hoodie to wear within Decentraland, you almost have too much to choose from. It’s difficult for creators to stand out from the rest. With the added utility, wearables become more than just an outfit. Creators can give owners unique benefits within Decentraland, which gives players more reasons to buy their wearable.


Welcome to the curated place, where I will list the newest and the finest wearables published by Decentraland creators. Let's all take a moment and appreciate the most fashionable items this week. 

#1 SUPERNINA Glow Wonder Space Suit

#2 Jumpsuit "LeeLoo"

#3 GEF Hoodie by Metaskins


Wearables creators by total volume of sales in the past 7 days, Decentraland


#1 Twitter Space with @iamckbubbles

#2 Neal Stephenson Named the Metaverse. Now, He’s Building It

Disclaimer: I have to say this - this is not financial advice! 🙈

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