Digital Fashion 2022 Wrapped

Digital Fashion 2022 Wrapped

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Happy new year, all! This week, I gathered some of the most exciting digital fashion projects that happened last year to reflect on how far we've come. It might seem that digital fashion is somewhere around as a concept, but last year it sure claimed its spot on the front news pages.

Metaverse Fashion Week

The Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW), the first of its kind four-day event, was held on Decentraland from 24-27 March 2022. Over 60 fashion brands showcased more than 500 looks. At the event, brands like Selfridges, Estée Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, etc., showcased their collections.

London-based retailer Selfridges marked the beginning of fashion week by opening its flagship store with an immersive experience with Paco Rabanne and Victor Vasarely collection.

The event was free to visit. This year, the fashion week will be held in March.

Gucci Town on Roblox

After entering the metaverse with a digital Gucci Garden on Roblox, Gucci has launched a persistent digital space on Roblox - Gucci Town. The virtual gathering space is an interactive hub with mini-games, a cafe, and a virtual store for in-game avatars.

Visit Gucci Town here.

Word of Women x The Fabricant

The world's first digital-only fashion house, The Fabricant and World of Women (WoW), have joined forces to make a 27-piece digital fashion collection inspired by the women characters in the WoW NFT artworks.

Created all 27 looks from the original WoW collection, were first dropped to WoW holders in April.

The Fabricant x WoW character also came alive in a three-day event in Decentraland. Read more about it in my newsletter here. Decentraland skins also are still available to buy.

DressX x Ready Player Me

The largest metafashion retailer, DressX, partnered with a cross-game avatar platform Ready Player Me, introducing the DressX Snake NFT collection. United in the mission of building an interoperable and open metaverse, the DressX NFT collection has been minted on the Polygon blockchain. It is available to wear on avatars and enter over 2,500 virtual worlds through Ready Player Me.

Nike's .SWOOSH

Nike introduced .SWOOSH - the home for Nike's virtual creations, a platform for the web3 curious that prioritizes education and inclusion.

.SWOOSH is currently in a closed beta phase. If you haven't gotten an invite access code yet, you can still join the waitlist to be one of the first to know how to claim your spot.

Nike virtual creations will include sneakers, apparel, accessories, and other collectibles you can wear in games or other immersive experiences. Some Nike virtual creations will also unlock benefits for you in the physical world, like access to IRL products and exclusive events.

Join the waitlist here.

Droffo launched a marketplace for digital creators

Digital fashion marketplace, Droffo, launched its platform for Decentraland creators. The platform offers creators a better UI/UX experience and creates additional value by having Collaborations and Favorites tabs. Furthermore, on Droffo, creators can gather followers, which are informed about the newest listings. There are no additional fees while buying through Droffo.

The platform's main goal is to host creators and offer them opportunities to create digital fashion wearables in other metaverses.

Visit the marketplace here.

The end

Of course, many more projects contributed to the digital fashion field. Today, I gathered the ones who stood up the most for me. Being in this ecosystem made me realize that digital fashion is not some kind of fantasy or utopia - it's already here and taking the world by storm. I am thankful for witnessing, truly, the fashion revolution.

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