Dancing Metaverse

Dancing Metaverse

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This is a weekly newsletter brought to you by a former fashion editor, aka me, Lina. I will particularly cover digital wearables and their role in the gaming and fashion industry.

The Wearables Daily will feature and acknowledge all industry talents and tell their stories.


The first week of October was on fire in Decentraland! People gathered, partied, and created a lot of new wearables and emotes. New projects came into the space, creating some new buzz around it, and some events just celebrated the community. Here's what happened this past week.


MetaParty is a group of Metaverse lovers who hosts events across the Metaverse since 2021. They also create and market several NFT projects, including wearables, collectibles, and NFT tickets.

On October 3rd, the group hosted its first community fashion show on Decentraland.

The show was hosted on a custom build featuring digital creators and games. VIP runaway was flooded with high-Metaverse-fashion models, while the creators were interviewed live on Rezinators YouTube channel.

Catch up with the event here:

After the event, the organizer, Rezinator, told me, "MetaParty is always honored to host events like the Community Fashion Show #01, and we have plans to introduce these community fashion shows once a month. In addition, we aim to introduce more creators to these fashion shows month by month!"

Pablo, the co-founder of the popular Decentraland game Golfcraft, added, "MetaParty is doing an amazing job building community with the Fashion Show, an important value for Decentraland."


With emotes being released, the community unleashed their imagination of how they can now express themselves using it. A great example is a combination of two kinds of NFTs - one, you purchase an emote that lets your avatar move in a certain way, and second, you purchase a complimentary item that will contribute to the whole look. For example, a selfie emote and a phone.

Lately, more and more ideas have flown into space as users have found ways to sleep, drink, eat, gaze at the stars, and even do sports. Here are my favorite moments from community members I saw on Twitter.

The very best moments of Decentraland emotes


Doki & Ney


Wearable NFT creator

What is your signature when creating your wearables? What do you think about the most?

My signature when creating wearables is always trying to add some imagination or personality to the design! I'm always thinking, "does this reflect the idea?" When I make something, I personally want to feel a bit excited or inspired, so in some cases, if I don't feel that, I try to develop further to add some "seasoning."

What would be your advice for people who are just entering the space?

Advice for new people in the space is to share your progress as a creator and connect with other creators in the community. For example, do a quick sketch of clothes that inspire you rather than just taking a photo, and then you'll find your own way to illustrate ideas!

What is the future of wearables?

The future of wearables, I feel, changes every few months! How we design for the digital space is shifting and evolving, opening opportunities to create something unique and mix crafts together. Motion + design, architecture + fashion, music + digital representation! The way we express ourselves in the digital space is changing and shows there are no limits to how we can collaborate.

Michi's sketches


Welcome to the curated place, where I will list the newest and the finest wearables published by Decentraland creators. Let's all take a moment and appreciate the most fashionable items this week.


#1 Wet Waves by Doki

#2 LowerBody Green Textured by EnrichTech#e498

#3 Indian Ethnic wear by XALAX


#1 Salt Gesture // FBRN by fabeeobreen

#2 Twerk (by DAPPCRAFT)

#3 Elegant Sitting by Doki


Wearables creators by total volume of sales in the past 7 days, Decentraland

#1 Roustan #2 Doki #3 MewCo #4 Canessa


#1 Fr1skyBumbleBee interviews ROVI team

#2 The Lesbian Bar Project and longtime supporter, Jägermeister, are bringing you the LBP Metaverse

Disclaimer: I have to say this - this is not financial advice! 🙈

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