Year of the Creators

Year of the Creators

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This is a weekly newsletter brought to you by a former fashion editor, aka me, Lina. I will cover digital wearables and their role in gaming and fashion.

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With many metaverses coming to life during the past year, the Web3 ecosystem felt an enormous need for content creators. Whether a 3D artist or photographer, everyone found their place in the system.

Today, I am reviewing a few initiatives I became very interested in, most of which are created by the Web3 community creators. Interestingly, once industry newcomers, they are now becoming brands with their roadmaps, systems, and value. Those are great examples of what you can do in the metaverse and how you can monetize it.

Decentraland manifesto for 2023

The only decentralized metaverse today, Decentraland, just released its 2023 manifesto, stating it's going to be the year of the creators. Being a creator is a mindset. A creator can be anyone who gets involved, contributes, participates, crafts, builds, or deploys. From organizing events, to designing Wearables and Emotes, to building with the SDK or contributing to DCL’s code, all that work is done by Creators."

Read more about what is coming to Decentraland in 2023 here:

Dress the Doodles

PFP fashion is something exciting! NFT project Doodles are eager to dress its characters with its upcoming release of Doodles 2. "Doodles 2 characters can have their appearances updated and saved to the blockchain with no transaction fees. They will incorporate music from the biggest artists that can be unlocked and utilized. Characters and wearables from Doodles 2 can easily be bought, traded, or sold."

The Doki Decentraland Pass

Doki, a 3D artist from England, did something that no other creator has in Decentraland space. The $250 Doki Pass comes as NFT and holds many perks throughout 2023. The creator will drop exclusive wearables, emotes, and tutorials and let the fans sneak into her daily working routine. Isn't that brilliant?

Meet the creators of Decentraland

Decentraland creators DOCTORdripp and Brandon Manus launched a show to interview digital fashion creators. The first two episodes are already out! They are recorded on Discord, but users meet in Decentraland to hang out during the interview.

Reserve your interview here:

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