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Today I want to take you on a trip! I will be showing you around the Metaverse I heard about not so long ago. Hyperfy is a virtual world-building platform that anyone can build in. It's divided into worlds, which the users can own and customize. Once you purchase the world, you can quickly build surroundings by dragging and dropping different assets from the libraries or your computer. Today I will take you to the most exciting worlds created by the community on Hyperfy. It's pretty amazing, as the platform works on any browser and mobile! You can also join as a guest, no extra steps are needed!

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Blockbuster video store

Decentraland community member Roustan re-created a blockbuster video store! You can go and hang out in the store, search for your favorite movie, or if you're feeling too nostalgic, take a seat and watch a movie at the end of the store.


The legendary TRU BAND ROOM, originally located in Decentraland, can now also be found on Hyperfy. The iconic place has hosted numerous shows and onboarded many new performers into the Metaverse this past year. Go to the second floor to enjoy a performance by Metaverse DJ Gucci Toe!

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Clone X community space

Even though the Hyperfy community is relatively small, there's some action from other NFT communities. Here's an iconic Clone X pod, re-created! I guess you can now have your Clone X meetings here too. Currently, the space is not gated, and anyone can come in and play a little pac man game here.

Worm skin in Hyperfy

The Turing Tavern

Definitely, one of the most impressive places on Hyperfy is the Turing Tavern. Here you can talk with an AI-powered NPC (non-playable character), although the conversation will be visible to you only. Additionally, here you can equip a few different avatars - you will be carrying through the world when visiting other spaces too, but they are not NFTs.

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