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I did find myself jumping from one place to another this week. There is so much to see and do during Fashion Week; having it all is almost impossible. While IRL Fashion Week is stressful because of the logistics, here, in the Metaverse, it's stressful because of the servers crashing. Most of you who tried to log in to the events experienced unusual waiting times or even crashed once you had a short glimpse of what was happening. You're not alone. I was in charge of the Metaverse Fashion Week Day 1 afterparty, and I couldn't be there myself because it was not loading. People say it was a good party. Nevertheless, this is a unique time when big IRL fashion brands meet the Metaverse and its native creators. The second Metaverse Fashion Week presented 60+ brands, artists, and designers during a 4-day feast.

Me chilling at Doki's place, Decentraland

The brands

Accessing Fashion Week on the Decentraland platform was easy. Users could join the experiences without any registration or setting up their crypto wallets. Although, those who wanted to collect all the freebies available had to log in with their crypto wallet - Metamask. All freebies by brands were available all over the Fashion Week area. Click and claim, and move to another one. Most of the goodies were not something you might actually buy or were just simple things - for e.g., DKNY had simple t-shirts and bucket hats to gift to everyone who entered its virtual shop. It was like taking a flyer - it's nice to have at the moment, but you don't really know what to do with it afterward. Of course, those NFTs could be worth something in the future, and usually, users are betting that if DKNY decides that every shirt holder can claim something nice in the future, they will win at the end of the day. But, just IMHO, I really doubt it, and for now, it's a simple promo goodie that no one will care about at the next Fashion Week.

Not all brands took the simple approach. Adidas made a thoughtful digital wearable that was both - an excellent marketing fashion wearable and something that people wanted to get.

Me, waiting to claim Adidas free NFT

Luxury American fashion house Coach, specializing in leather handbags, luggage, and accessories, made an impressive virtual build in Decentraland too. The brand literally built its iconic Tabby bag. The pink setting invited people to stand under the Tabby bag and get teleported into the world of Coach. People were able to claim a free emote there and participate in the scavenger hunt, which I really did not understand. It just didn't manage to keep my attention, and I was tired of all the NPC talking and just gave up.

The creators

Nikki Fuego from Haus of Fuego was set to produce a fashion show for Decentraland's Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 that promised to push the boundaries of virtual fashion. The show showcased 30+ avatars, each equipped with wearables made by some of the top creators in the metaverse.

Most of the presented wearables were immediately sold out, but you can still grab yours in the secondary market. Take a look at some of the Fashion Week looks down below.

One of my favorite creators in the space, Doki, also had her place. The place was modeled as a hairdresser salon where you can give a makeover to your avatar. It's a cool concept since the creator is really focusing on digital hair and faces design.

Another creator brand with a separate building was GAIAN. A recently launched footwear brand focuses on bridging reality and the metaverse. Their product - shoes that produce energy IRL. Here on their build users could claim free pair of GAIAN shoes and shop more wearables.

Community member CK Bubbles presented a build full of art. All build focused on telling the story of CK's personal journey and inspiration in the metaverse and displaying a brief history of nail art.

Community voice

"MVFW has been an amazing opportunity for designers to showcase their work and especially for the community within Decentraland to be able to display their work alongside some of the pioneers and major fashion brands that have made their way into this digital space. Some of my favorite pieces this fashion week came from within this community. They really showed up bringing all their creativity forward, and I feel like we all put our hearts on the table this year." - Soultry Dubs

"MVFW23 felt more intimate this year, as more cross-collaborations existed between large luxury brands and the Decentraland Community. I was overjoyed to see many brands make the best of their experience and make those connections with the core community (Twitter Spaces, brand sponsorships at parties). The number of wearables that were given out was overwhelming, which allowed for so much new swag in our wallets. MVFW23 was an absolute success this year!" - Maryana

"Decentraland's Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 (MVFW23) event has been such a delightful 3d virtual world celebration - where I experienced an explosion of creativity, designs, and self-expression from a diverse group of people and brands who are excited to be at the forefront of digital fashion innovation. I am super honored to create the Gabber Time dance emote with the Fabricant, as well as have the opportunity to showcase my designs and collaborations in MetaTokyo at my Supermind calming moon hot springs exhibit." - SUPERNINA

"This year's fashion week has been jammed packed with friends, fun (par-teas), and activi-teas. I love that some of our prominent community members have been in the spotlight this year." - BillyTeacoin

Minutes before live performance of DJ BillyTeacoin

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