Spend a day in the Metaverse with Aspen from Decentraland

Spend a day in the Metaverse with Aspen from Decentraland

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Don't you love having a good day? What is better than an exciting day in the metaverse? This week I asked Aspen, Decentraland content creator, to show me around the metaverse and share her favorite spots and outfits.

Tell me what you set as your home in Decentraland.

I must confess I have yet to set up an official home in Decentraland unless you want to call home the Events page. I usually start there and plan my day or my week. At this time, I am not creating wearables or emotes, not designing builds, hosting events, or performing, and I’m not a landowner. I am, however, passionate about contributing to the community. I can do that by supporting others and creating shareable content. So I plan my day based on attending events being hosted by people I want to support, events that I am confident in promoting because they offer value and a positive experience to newcomers, and events that I’m personally interested in.

At TRU Stage, MVMF 2022

Outfit: Festival Set RGB, accessories: Pink Bunny Ears, sunglasses: default

One place that has always felt like home for me is TRU Bandroom. It’s one of the first places I landed when I arrived in Decentraland, and I often go there alone to listen to music during the day. The TRU crew is extremely welcoming and has demonstrated the power and importance of community in the space. As a music fan, being able to watch live performances while interacting with artists around the world is such a unique experience.

At TRU Bandroom

What is your favorite game in Decentraland?

I don’t spend a lot of time in the games on Decentraland, mostly because I haven’t taken the time to figure most of them out, and when I’m in DCL, it’s usually to attend events and seek out music. My favorite has to be Cooky 2PE. Something nobody knows, I have spent many, many hours playing a game called Diner Dash on my phone over the years - I’m a little obsessed. Cooky 2PE is definitely similar to that, so I immediately became interested. It’s still a new game, and I can’t wait to see how it develops! I also try to drop into Petaverse once a day because I love pets, and those little fur babies need to be taken care of!

At Cooky P2E

Top: Little Back Dress Top, Skirt: Charmed, Shoes: Doki Heels - Midas Touch, Accessories: Solstice, Sunglasses: Default

Show me the most interesting places in Decentraland!

Decentraland is a busy place! There is plenty of parties, people, and music. It can be overwhelming and exhausting to keep up, especially when creating content behind the scenes. I am naturally more introverted, and sometimes I look for a quiet place to relax. On the other hand, I’m naturally curious and an explorer, so eventually, I would love to explore every parcel and seek out hidden gems.

Samsung 837x Sustainability Forest

The Samsung 837x Sustainability Forest is where I like to go when I want quiet, alone time in Decentraland. Surrounded by mountains and a feature waterfall, I like to climb to the top of the treehouse roof, look out at the stars, and relax to the peaceful music.

Top: SUR Defi Drip Spread Hoodie, Bottom: Artemis Moon Booty Short Set, Shoes: Froggy Sneakers, Sunglasses: Default

At the Rizk Amusement Park

Who doesn’t like an amusement park? The Rizk Amusement Park is a fun place to feel like a kid again. You can ride the ferris wheel, climb the tower, or take a thrilling ride on the rollercoaster. It’s perfect for date night or a fun time out with friends.

Dress: Driphop Street by DripWear, Accessories: BB Iced Out Watch, Sunglasses: Default

At the Frida Kahlo Red House

I first discovered Frida Kahlo’s Red House during Metaverse Art Week 2022. This quaint house is an immersive experience where you explore the untold stories and memories of Mexican painter Frida’s childhood home and learn about her life. It is a fun and educational experience and a beautiful build to explore.

Dress: Gloria by Refraction, Shoes: Doki Heels - Midas Touch, Sunglasses: Default

At the Burton Morris Pop!Wall

Because I wall-climb twice a week in the real world, the Burton Morris Pop!Wall is just a fun build I love to visit over and over. For the record, wall climbing in DCL is harder than in IRL. I have yet to climb the wall to the top - I have to resort to the hidden elevator inside. However, the view of the Art District from the top is well worth the effort!

At the Lost Island pop-up build created by Virtewel

While the Lost Island pop-up build was only temporary, it was too beautiful not to share. From a trap door that takes you down to an underground aquarium to the tropical vibes of the island, this space is one of the best-hidden gems in DCL.

Bikini: Pink Sparkle Bikini by Refraction, Sunglasses: Default

Who are your favorite fashion creators in the space?

My favorite fashion creators are the ones who create unique pieces that are flattering to wear and either sparkle, glow, or have interesting textures. It isn’t easy to single out any of the creators because I have a lot of respect for many of them, and I like a lot of variety in my style. However, I will acknowledge Refraction because I own several of his wearables and emotes and have spent much time speaking with him about them. He has interesting stories behind his creations, and I am fascinated by what he uses for inspiration and the amount of thought and detail that goes into his work. He can talk at length about the inspiration behind a tiny detail in a piece, and you realize how passionate he is about his work. As a newer user in the space, I also appreciate the price of his wearables. I don’t believe creators should ever undervalue their work, but for newer people who may not have access to a lot of MANA, it allows them to collect some nice pieces and expand their wardrobe without breaking the bank.

What do you usually do when you are not in the metaverse?

I love to be outdoors when I’m not in the metaverse. I like to hike in the mountains and wall/rock climb every week. I love spending time on the water and doing a lot of paddleboarding and sailing. I live on the prairies in Canada, so we have pretty cold winters. I love downhill skiing and snowshoeing when it’s warm enough. I love to get fresh air and enjoy quiet time out in nature. I also love working with animals. I have two mini Dachshunds, and with my youngest, we take classes where we learn tricks, agility, and scent detection. I love having that connection with my dogs where I feel I can really communicate with them.

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