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When I joined the Decentraland platform, metaverse wedding was a thing back then. ✌️Everyone rushed to say yes and mint their marriage certificate as an NFT. Here's a great example of how people complimented their marriage by having double ceremonies - IRL and Decentraland. Even though dating was not the first thing people were looking for in the metaverse, people were amazed by the idea of a new-age wedding. This year, it feels like way more brands jumped into the idea of Valentine's Day in the metaverse. Let's see what happened!

Picture by KevinOnEarth999

Interview with the metaverse couple 💌 

Emm and Doc met in real life eight years ago, but what is different about them is that they are not only an IRL couple but also a meta one. Participating in metaverse life could be time-consuming and stressful sometimes, so I wanted to ask a couple to share their insight about what it is like to be in love also in the metaverse. ❤️‍🔥

What are your favorite things to do as a couple in the metaverse? 

Parties! As digital professionals & entrepreneurs, it's so great to indulge in this new form of socializing. We've grown to have the same groups of friends and often separate friends. Being able to socialize with them so frequently in a highly-visual context balances our hectic work lives, where it can be a little tricky to schedule frequent IRL social activities. As a couple, we get to dress up for different occasions, whether matching or themed - we love it! 

Did being in the metaverse change your IRL habits? 

We're dedicating quite a bit of time to it. The Xbox is totally dusty - no other games are being played. But it is mostly complementary to our lifestyles. We'll find ourselves doing more work at our desks while enjoying a Decentraland hang sesh in another tab while talking to each other or hanging with friends in Discord. It's like our online social lives are evolving into another dimension. 

What are the biggest challenges and biggest perks of being a meta-couple? 

Giving each other space and remembering to make others feel included. Not everyone wants to see us macking on each other in the corner or "smacking that" emote during the entire party. We like to make others feel welcome, and remembering to space out and not clique up is something we value when making friends in the metaverse.

Minting love

How was your Valentine's Day? Well, on mine, I tried mint love. And I have succeeded in minting two hearts created by the women-led project 8SIAN by Nicole Yap x Vogue Singapore. 

From Blockchain to Love Chain is an immersive campaign that features love-inspired artwork and wearables, panel discussions, and digital fashion competitions. Amid the exciting slate of events is the release of a new giftable Love Chain NFT set containing two designs: 'Desire' and 'Dream.' Soft-hued and whimsical, the limited edition NFTs are an interpretation of the ways in which we love. 

Together, NFT set holders and their loved ones will gain exclusive access to an exciting medley of activities and games. Hosted in 'Fashion's New World, 'the events offer users a chance at winning covetable prizes such as new-age wearables from DressX and an exclusive NFT by 8sian.

Free love NFT

For Valentine's Day, DressX introduced LoveVision glasses, the ultimate digital collectible accessory. The glasses are embellished with pink rhinestone-covered hearts, adding a glamorous yet futuristic twist to your digital look. LoveVision NFT glasses come with editorial photo dressing and AR utilities, making them the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to stand out on social media or in the metaverse. The mint was offered for free, so anyone with a wallet could mint their love from DressX.

Minecraft collabs with Crocs

The footwear collection includes two Classic Clogs (one for teens and adults, and one for kids), two Classic Elevated Clogs (one for teens and adults, and one for kids), as well as one Classic Slide for teens and up. All the designs pair great with the Minecraft-themed Jibbitz™ charms, which come in two different sets: a 5-pack of flat charms featuring Steve, Alex, an Enderman, a creeper, and a pig and an exclusive 13-pack of 3D charms that includes various characters, mobs, and blocks. Plus, the Classic Elevated Clog models come with four flat charms and four 3D charms!

You can now download your very own pair of Minecraft x Crocs in the Dressing Room for free! Simply launch Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and open the Character Creator to claim the item. Of course, they are available in Sport and Chill mode, so they can fit the mood whether you're tending to your farm or running away from a phantom.

Ordinal NFTs

A new way of creating NFTs and looking at the Bitcoin blockchain has caught the attention of many.  Decentraland community member and Wilderness game CEO Ney just launched her second project. It's not another game but rather a new way of looking at NFTs. The Ordinal Satoshi collection features 100 Satoshis on the Bitcoin chain. I was curious about the project, so I asked her what the difference was between normal (lol) NFTs, and these, and she explained:

Over 127,000 Ordinals have been inscribed — which is jargon for created (or minted) — on the Bitcoin blockchain to date, according to Dune Analytics data.

Ordinal Satoshi

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