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I just want to play my game, talk with my friends and look cool. How hard can it be? You might seem lost with all the different games popping up, and I don't blame you. Sometimes it's hard to catch up with friends who like different games, and the worst part is, if you decide to explore the new one, you will be forced to build up your online identity once again. Well, Web3 is the new Internet, promising you an easy solution - one day, you'll be able to take your gaming skin and all your clothes to a different world with no stress. Staying the same gal who loves cars, which your friends can easily recognize you from your style.

Today, I am going to talk about one thing that brings this vision to reality, and it's a bit technical. So if you're a creator, stick around to know more on how to expand your work, or if you're just a person with a passion for digital fashion, you might learn something new today.

The .vrm file format is an important step towards promoting interoperability and standardization in the virtual reality industry, which can help to accelerate the development and adoption of virtual reality technologies.

Cryptovoxels gaming skins


Interoperability in the metaverse refers to the ability of different virtual worlds or environments to communicate and interact seamlessly. It allows users to move their digital identities, assets, and experiences across multiple platforms and applications without restrictions, creating a more open and connected virtual ecosystem.

In practical terms, interoperability means that users can use their full-body gaming skins, items, or currencies from one metaverse in another metaverse or that they can join a social event or game hosted on a different platform without needing to create a new account or download additional software. You could wear your dress in all games with just one click of the button.

So... what is a .VRM, then?

A .VRM file is a 3D model format used in virtual reality applications and games. It stands for Virtual Reality Model, a file format developed by the VRM Consortium. The VRM Consortium is a group of companies that aim to promote and standardize the use of virtual reality technologies.

The .vrm file format is designed for VR platforms like Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Hyperfy, and many others.

It contains a 3D model of a character, object, or environment that can be rendered in real time within a virtual reality environment. The file format also includes information about the materials used for the model, such as textures and shading, as well as information about the animation and rigging of the model.

The .vrm file format is gaining popularity in the virtual reality industry due to its compatibility with multiple VR platforms and ability to provide high-quality, real-time 3D rendering.

How interoperable gaming skins look like

Interoperable gaming skins can look like any other type of skin in virtual reality, but they are designed with a focus on being able to work across different platforms and applications.

In terms of their appearance, interoperable skins can range from realistic humanoids to stylized characters or animals. In addition, they can have various features such as custom animations, facial expressions, and unique textures. The important thing is that the skin is designed to be easily portable between different VR applications, allowing users to maintain a consistent presence across different platforms.

VRChat skin Onikuro.exe by Wolyafa

Some platforms, such as VRChat, have specific requirements for interoperable skins, such as a maximum polygon count or specific animation requirements. So interoperable skins for use on VRChat, for example, may have a particular style or look to them that is optimized for the platform's requirements.

Overall, interoperable gaming skins are designed to be versatile and easily adaptable to be used in various virtual reality settings while maintaining their unique appearance and functionality.

Worm skin in Hyperfy

Selling and buying interoperable gaming skins

So, whoever is reading all these e-mails know, I am a fan of Decentraland Metaverse. And the marketplace Droffo, which offers a simple solution to buy and sell your digital fashion items there, is now officially opening up for other worlds too. What does that mean? Well, it means that if you're a creator and want to create and monetize your work, this is the place to be in. Shortly after this e-mail goes live, Droffo will launch three creator collections for Hyperfy world/game/Metaverse. And a few weeks after - all creators that are on the Droffo platform will be able to list their interoperable skins for sale.

Here's a really cool conversation with Ash Connell, founder and lead developer at Hyperfy:

If you're staying late or early (damn time zones), meet us tonight for a celebration and an official launch. Live event with CJ TRAXX performance will be held in both, Decentraland and Hyperfy. We will mark a new launch with three collections created by the ultimate creators - Nikki Fuego, DOCTORdripp, and Doki.

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