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The fusion of physical and digital realities, the 'phygital' fashion trend, is becoming more prominent and intriguing by the day.

In this edition, we bring you fresh insights into the digital fashion collaborations, exciting new collections, and the bold integration of Web3 by renowned fashion giants. We'll explore the exclusive digital fashion collection on Roblox by DRESSX and YouTube star Mackenzie Turner, step into Puma's intriguing web3 world with Black Station 2, and appreciate the sophisticated venture into non-fungible tokens by Louis Vuitton through the Via Treasure Trunks.

As always, it's a pleasure to bring you these stories and be a part of your digital fashion journey. So, let's keep moving forward, embracing the metaverse fashion adventure together, newsletter by newsletter!

Mackenzie Turner drop wearables for Roblox

DRESSX and YouTube star Mackenzie Turner have launched an exclusive digital fashion collection on Roblox, the global immersive platform we've all come to appreciate.

DRESSX has joined forces with Mackenzie Turner, the popular YouTube and TikTok influencer, to launch an exclusive collection of digital wearables. Containing three items in three captivating colorways – a cotton candy bomber jacket, a heart-shaped fanny bag, and a 'Cuties' necklace – it's a feast for the digital eyes. Thanks to Roblox's groundbreaking Layered Clothing technology, these 3D designs can adapt to any avatar body type. And here's a little extra joy: DRESSX is offering a limited number of 'Cuties' studded water bottle accessories for free.

Mackenzie, widely recognized for her YouTube videos playing Roblox, brings her distinctive style and eccentric personality to the DRESSX collection. Since launching her Roblox-focused YouTube channel in 2020, she's gained over 1.8 million subscribers and introduced a highly successful physical merchandise line to her followers. Now, she brings her signature style to the metaverse, letting her fans dress their avatars in her iconic style.

In a statement from DRESSX founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, "We hope that Mackenzie's fan base will enjoy the Roblox drop brought to them by their favorite creator, and new audiences will get introduced to Mackenzie's work through an engaging shared experience powered by DRESSX."

Mackenzie shared her enthusiasm about the partnership: "I am extremely happy to join forces with DRESSX, bringing my merchandise to life in the digital space. Getting my favorite 'Hey Cuties' looks on Roblox is truly exciting, allowing my fans to explore Roblox's shared experiences through my perspective."

The DRESSX Mackenzie collection is now available for purchase in the Roblox Avatar Shop. Don't forget to claim your free accessory here. Happy exploring and dressing up in the metaverse!

Puma releases Black Station 2

Sportswear giant Puma is breaking new ground in the web3 space with its innovative digital world and shopping experience, Black Station 2. This builds on the success of the first iteration, Black Station 1, introduced last year.

Black Station enables users to traverse a digital environment powered by Unreal Engine and shop for exclusive digital and physical sneakers. The second version introduces two new immersive worlds—Unkai and Unter—each associated with a unique sneaker.

Ivan Dashkov, Puma's web3 marketing head, stated their ambition to attract a broader audience and continuously improve the digital offering.

Accessible through blackstation.puma.com, users can explore Unkai's sky-high Lego-like structures and Unter's underground red-lit caves. The experience even includes some hidden Easter eggs linked to Puma's NFT project, Super Puma PFP.

With Black Station, Puma aims to replicate the immersive shopping experience of its physical retail stores online. Given that over 100,000 minutes were spent in Black Station 1, it seems the web3 community appreciates the concept.

The launch also includes the option for Puma Pass holders to purchase new Fast-RB sneakers ahead of their 2024 public release. The sneakers include the digital Fast-RB Unkai and the phygital Fast-RB Unter, priced at 0.1 ETH, or $173.

Louis Vuitton $42K Worth of Physical-Backed NFTs

Embracing the innovative intersection of luxury and technology, French fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton has launched a unique, physical-linked non-fungible token (NFT) collection named Via Treasure Trunks. This exclusive range, introducing a new era of members-only products and experiences, recently opened for registration.

The limited collection was available to consumers in countries including the U.S., Canada, France, the U.K., Germany, Japan, and Australia. Select customers were able to secure these coveted NFTs for €39,000 (including tax) or $39,000 (excluding tax) in the U.S.

Owners of these digital Treasure Trunks, aside from receiving a physical replica of their NFT, now have exclusive access to an array of upcoming Louis Vuitton products and immersive events. As per the brand's plan, limited products and experiences will be unveiled at regular intervals throughout the year, offering continuous exclusivity to the members.

The Via Treasure Trunks collection forms part of Louis Vuitton's wider project, "Via", which signifies the Latin term for road. Owners have been granted the opportunity to purchase digital keys, unlocking future access to Louis Vuitton's physical-linked NFT collections. Notably, these NFTs are soulbound tokens, which means they can't be transferred or sold, although individual items minted in the future can be.

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