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The metaverse is an endless place to visit. I mean, you can log in to very different metaverses to explore shops, concepts, and museums. Whether it's a good old Roblox game or more of a social platform Decentraland, fashion creators are eager to explore the possibilities of presenting their brands for a very different user than their usual IRL crowd. Today, I'll explore places all fashionistas should know before entering the metaverse. ✌️

Runway magazine has its permanent residence in Spatial. During events like Paris Fashion Week, the magazine organizes various online events in the metaverse to support real-life fashion activations. There's always a fun presentation in the space or just random digital fashion lovers hanging out in the room. It's worth visiting once in a while because the space changes according to the events.

Decentraland native creators Nikki Fuego, Doki, and Babydolls have their shops in the Decentraland metaverse. These are like showrooms to creators showcase their best work while you can actually shop here.

Nikki Fuego is known for her unique steampunk style and racing game Vroomway, where people can race and earn. Doki is a creator that offers various types of hair and faces for your avatar - yes, you read that right! So here's me, wearing the face and the hair created by Doki. Babydolls, a Decentraland native brand, presents everything sexy and party related. One of the first nightclubs in the Decentraland, they are known for their pink touch.

Giorgio Armani's Spring/Summer 2023 collection is available to see in the Spatial metaverse. The whole space is dedicated to showcasing the latest collection in various media formats. There is no better way to present a collection in the metaverse. You can visit the space any time and enjoy not only visuals but music from the original show as well.

Zapeto allows users to turn selfies into 3-D animated avatars, which can then 'meet' other users' characters on the Zapeto World— a virtual world for users to create and engage with others. Gucci's collaboration allows users to dress their avatars in pieces from the House collections through in-app purchases. The world of Zapeto x Gucci also includes a Gucci Villa to explore.

Gucci is also present in Roblox with their recent release of the Gucci Garden experience.

Balenciaga in Fortnite

The first fashion brand to partner with the online game Fortnite - Balenciaga. The fashion house created skins and accessories for avatars in the game. Balenciaga’s model has been made into a digital avatar, Doggo, who wears Balenciaga outfits in the Fortnite arena.

Additionally, there were three other Fortnite-Balenciaga avatars. Banshee is seen in a tiger-striped bodysuit; Ramirez wears a sequined top paired with tattered jeans, while Knight gets Balenciaga armor boots with a hoodie and shorts.

Users who own Balenciaga items on Fortnite could submit photos of their avatars to be included on billboards of the game’s town square and enter a Balenciaga store to perform a custom dance. In real life, people were able to visit the Balenciaga store and shop the Fortnite x Balenciaga collection at Madison Square.

At this time, Balenciaga is not present in Fortnite because of its recent controversies.

L’Oréal has partnered with the cross-game avatar platform Ready Player Me. Maybelline New York and L’Oréal Professional have created makeup looks and hairstyles for Ready Player Me avatars. The free-to-use looks can be worn on over 4,000 apps and platforms worldwide, such as VRChat and Spatial.

Maybelline and L’Oréal have created five looks co-designed by CGI artist Evan Rochette, who specializes in 3D design with coding. And for makeup, Maybelline worked with its own global brand ambassador, makeup artist Erin Parsons.

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